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PGN parser of colored squares and arrows

Special markups “[%csl Re5]” or “[%cal Gf3e5]” in PGN comments render colored square or arrow in particular in ChessBase PGN.

“[%csl Ye1,Gb1,Gc1]” or “[%cal Ga5e5, Ga5e1]” give a list of squares or arrows.

Scid vs PC uses respectively “[%draw full,e5,red]” and “[%draw arrow,f3,e5,green]”. The purpose of pgnCb2Scid.ps1 is to convert the highlighted squares and colored arrows from the Cb format to Scid.

The input PGN file of Masterclasse by Sylvain Ravot and Marc Quenehen can be downloaded from the FFE site “Base PGN enrichie et commentée“.

The ouput PGN file in Scid format will be generated by the pgnCb2Scid.ps1 parser. The final Scid database of FFE Masterclasses can be directly downloaded in compressed format .zip at the end of the Masterclass FFE page.

Download “pgnCb2Scid.ps1 parser of colored squares or arrows in PGN comment” – Downloaded 865 times – 4.07 KB